Mother & Child, 75cm x 90cm, Acrylic on canvas rolled.

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Unique handmade painting for sale  by artist Sanjay Punekar

Painting Information

Original  Unique painting about mother and child ! Glory of mother love,care, safe !!
you can enjoy of mother love with mood, shade, depth,
painting acrylic color on canvas rolled. Original artwork created by sanjay punekar painting size : width75cm x Height: 90cm
You will receive well packed painting canvas rolled in tube .
This is a one of a kind artwork, created and painted by me. I always sign my work on front and of each painting. Also you will receive a certificate of authenticity .
any query send me your offer or message  [email protected],
World Wide shipping takes around 5-10 days to arrive, depending on it's destination

Original painting Size 75cm x 90cm

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Original painting prints avilable all sizes.

painting Details

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Unique painting for sale . i will You will receive well packed painting canvas rolled in tube .
Also fine arts prints avilable in all sizes like 
1)fine art canavs print, 
2) streached canvas print 
3) print on paper 
4) Art print with frame

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